Thursday, September 22, 2011


Entry 1.4

Yesterday, the fearless production team scouted a potential shooting location for our shoot. Low and behold it was sitting right under out noses. The perfect location for our space station is the same place where we put on armor and hit each other with sticks. Yup, super geeks, we are also in the SCA and our weekly fighter practice takes place in a lovely wide warehouse and it is available. Our Art Department, Sal Tagliarino (Production Designer) and David Weller (Art Director) are working on the space station design as i write this and my DP; Steve Gladstone and I have already begun talking about how we are gonna light and shoot this thing in the new space. We took some action photos for everyone to see the space.
Here we see (left to right) Chris Barra our Production manager, Sal (back to camera) David(fashionably in black) and Steve (way in the back) surrounded by lots of armor, conferring intently.

Here we see our Producer E.F. Morrill in a fetal position desperately trying to figure out to say "NO" to me one more time.
It was a good day for the C-Squared Team and it was a good day for Marie's Zero Gravity Bar & Grill.

And I promise, Ed will be ok ... eventually.

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