Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Comicon Day 4 - Wrap Up

Well it's done. After a good nights sleep, I can look back at NYCCC 2011 and say we had a great convention. We accomplished everything we set out to do and then some. We got the word out to bunch of people, made some new connections and re-connected with others. All in all we all had a good and exhausting time. Next year if all goes well we will have our own booth. Seems convention wandering is a young person's game and us old farts need reclyners.
Chris and Charlie at the end of Day #2 -- Needing to sit down.

His Ed-ness .... Doing what he does best!!

Look ma, we have T-shirts!

Monkey working the crowd.

Charlie and the lovely Jill Pantozzi aka The Nerdy Bird, her blog "Has Boobs, Reads Comics" is very cool.

Ed and Charlie, Day #4, we have had just about enough.
Ed working the phones. "No, I don't care what Charlie told you."

Jacob Javit supporting the cause.
That's about it. Can't wait for next year. Well maybe i can....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Comicon Day 2

Entry 1.7
Another really great day. Met some really cool people and gave out a ton of Marie's postcards to a number of Buffy and Amber fans. Hopefully that will help the word spread. I had a great conversation with Eddie McCIintock from Warehouse 13. Great guy, really down to earth, We talked a bit about the show, and some other stuff.

 I have two podcast interviews scheduled for some time tomorrow and a Sci fi news website wants us to come and do an interview when the con is over.

The best news of the day, I finally had a chance to talk to Felicia Day, and we had great catching up "Nice to finally meet face to face" conversation, while 500 people behind me were waiting for autographs. We both decided we would like to work together on something, and are talking about doing a project together in the future. That was pretty cool.
I am exhausted and too tired to write more.
We might have some video to put up from the con tomorrow.
Keep watching.
Keep donating to the cause as well.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comicon Day 1

Entry 1.6
The day started out wonderfully, My brand new white C-squared polo shirt had coffee on it before we walked out the door. White, not so much a good color for me. But i digress. Ed, Chris (our production manager) and myself get on the train and find ourselves at the Jacob Javitz center at about 10:30am. We made great time in, and the doors open at 11am. Right? Wrong. You can hang around the lobby and go to some panels at 11. The actual con floor does no open until 4pm. Joy and rapture. However we did spend the interim hours walking around, getting interviewed by various wandering Vide-azzi, and a good friend of ours who came down from New England hung with us and the time magically flew by. yep..

At 4pm the masses lined up at the entrance to the hall. Which was lost on me but was explained clearly that they want to be the first to get to the collectibles. Ah, now i understand. I guess i still have a ways to go to hone my geekiness. So after the crowds thinned (took all of 15 seconds) we wandered onto the con floor, in search of the Podcast aisle. One of the objectives of this convention was to hit as many podcasts and web-bers a possible to get Marie's out there. As it turns out it was still early and only one podcaster  was set up. Ian Levenstein, from "Comic Timing" was more than happy to interview me. As soon as i sat down we both realized that he had interviewed me first at comicon a few years back when we made Accidental Heroes. I began to tell him about our project, and as he put it in his own words, I had him at "Amber Benson playing Marie". It was a fun and pleasant interview, and I managed to get out all the info that we needed, website, facebook and indiegogo. He is going to let me know when the interview will be played and i will post that as well.

Later in the day as my feet were starting to hurt and my knees were starting to  demand they be taken back to brooklyn and put in bed, I ran into wonderful woman. Well I didn't actually run into her, I was admiring her mostly covered tattooed body, when we struck up a conversation, and as it turns out she is in production as well and may very well be joining the C Squared Family shortly.
So all in all the first day was a success despite the shaky beginning.
I think we are dying those shirts blue tonight.... This is why we don't wear white after labor day ... or ever!!
Me in white shirt (conveniently hiding the stains) at NYCCC.