Friday, October 14, 2011

Comicon Day 2

Entry 1.7
Another really great day. Met some really cool people and gave out a ton of Marie's postcards to a number of Buffy and Amber fans. Hopefully that will help the word spread. I had a great conversation with Eddie McCIintock from Warehouse 13. Great guy, really down to earth, We talked a bit about the show, and some other stuff.

 I have two podcast interviews scheduled for some time tomorrow and a Sci fi news website wants us to come and do an interview when the con is over.

The best news of the day, I finally had a chance to talk to Felicia Day, and we had great catching up "Nice to finally meet face to face" conversation, while 500 people behind me were waiting for autographs. We both decided we would like to work together on something, and are talking about doing a project together in the future. That was pretty cool.
I am exhausted and too tired to write more.
We might have some video to put up from the con tomorrow.
Keep watching.
Keep donating to the cause as well.

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