Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ed The Head - installments 2& 3

Entry 2.1

So yesterday we managed to bang out two web installments of "Ask Ed the Head". The usual cast of characters were there as well as an old favorite Erin Callahan (who can be seen as Maddie in Accidental Heroes and Molly in Chronicles of Bob) who has joined the team to pick up the mantle of Oola Galubi. She will also be playing the role of Oola in the webs series as well, opposite AMBER BENSON. The shoot went fairly smoothly after we spent a good bit of the morning getting the green screen and lighting just right, Mr. Head was his usual grumpy self. and Oola was splendid as usual. We have some behind the scenes photos and there will be some out takes as well.
Steve telling me something very important, and me not so much interetsed.

I heard you Ed, and no you can't go and tinkle.

Erin wishing she hadn't answered the phone when i called her to come and play.

Erin thinking how glad she is Ed is in the box.

Chris stroking Eds lovely flowing locks.
Happy Oola

Mr. Ed de Le Tete' - Thespian

Paulie who makes the green screen magic.

A Steve and his camera.
As you can see, we were all thrilled and no pineapples were injured in the making of this web series.
It's a whacky whacky world.

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