Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Entry 2.2
So we re-shot "ASK ED THE HEAD" # 3 yesterday, We had some technical difficulties on the previous one, so we went ahead and re shot it. This time the end result was much better. Even Mr. E, de Le Tette' was happier. This installment should be up some time after new years, ETH #2 should be coming to you shortly after XMAS.
We took some more stills of the shoot and after we release #3 there will be an out take installment as well. Stay tuned for "ASK ED THE HEAD #4" we have special guest coming in to visit Mr, Head. You're not going to want to miss this one.
My own head directing my actors.

The intricate workings behind the scenes of any "Ed the Head" shoot.

Steve doing what he does best ... whatever that is.

Clearly he is evil, just look at his eyes.

Erin in a happier moment .... Those moments never last...

Me trying to coax our 13 year old monitor into giving me one more day.

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